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Ohio Metal Spray (OMS) was established in 1991 to provide quality service for individuals and companies looking to save their used and worn parts. Since inception, OMS has evolved into a full service solution provider. We have partnered with hundreds of individuals and companies to answer questions and provide a multitude of applications for saving time and money.

Our Mission

  • We beleive our first responsibility is to those in need of industrial component solutions.
  • We utilize our experience, knowledge, customer needs, and industry contacts to provide answers and results for our customers.
  • We are dedicated to global competition and success of our worldwide customer base.
  • We believe there is a solution to almost any problem and we are committed to assist in the partnership with our clients to find these solutions.


Ohio Metal Spray has its roots in metalizing since 1996 when it was founded as Ohio Metalizing & Flame Spray. Upon purchasing the Company in 1991, President James Moore and Secretary Treasurer Frank Clark changes the name to Ohio Metal Spry.


James had fourteen years of experience as an employee of Ohio Metalizing & Flame Spray before teaming up with Frank, a chemist of twenty years. Together they have successfully redefined the Company. They have retained a number of the original employees who possess over thirty years of industry background and knowledge.


A steady growth of business made recent extensive expansion necessary. In 1995, Ohio Metal Spray purchased a 17,000 square foot facility to house new offices, updated equipment, and an expanded machine shop.

With the additional space and employees, Ohio Metal Spray's machining and grinding capabilities have greatly increased. The Company established a rapidly growing customer base that represents local, national, and global businesses. Our customers include diverse specialists and manufacturers from the plastic, steel, paper, drilling, and machinery rebuilding industries.


  • Established in 1991

  • Industry Experience

  • Equipment Investment


Have a worn bearing, don't buy a new one. Call us first, we know how to help.